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Culture, Cup and Wooz
Cultural Center for the Design Arts
Culture, Cup and Wooz -  Cultural Center for the Design Arts [CCW]
 focuses on enriching the lives of our youth by creating a vibrant cultural community that fosters a diverse offering of arts, education, social and entertainment experiences in the field of Design Arts. 
Culture, Cup and Wooz -  Cultural Center for the Design Arts [CCW] provides an educational and experimental environment for art appreciation and the expression of design arts mediums for youth.  The Center seeks to inspire youth through educational and creative workshops in order to assist them in developing the capacity to enjoy their surroundings, expose them to opportunities for experiences in creative art work, and to increase judgment and tastes in regard to what constitutes self beauty; seeking to add self worth and self confidence to each individual. In keeping with its mission, the Center offers an exciting array of workshops and seminars.  Course offerings reflect the Center’s commitment to the design arts. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from instructors, who are experts in their craft and art, and to interact with and gain inspiration from other aspiring design artists. 
Culture, Cup and Wooz -  Cultural Center for the Design Arts[CCW]GOALS are: 
a. To inspire individuals to develop the capacity to enjoy their surroundings by making one conscious of the beauty that one sees daily in school, home, and the community, and in the works of master craftsmen and artists.
b. To increase judgment and taste in regard to what constitutes beauty in ones own possessions and surroundings, by teaching one to respond favorably to the fine things rather than to the thing that is commonplace, and arousing ones desire to make the environment as fine as possible.
c. To offer to each individual opportunities for experiences in the creative design arts and in selecting, arranging, and judging finished products, so that one may not only have pleasure that comes from even the simplest experiment of this type but also may see the possibilities of the design arts as a vocation in itself or as a factor in many vocations, and develop an interest in the design art processes as well as in the finished products. 
Please call Karen @ 202.907.5241 for schedule of events, programs, workshops and for appointments
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